University Of Wissen


The University of Wissen consists of 27 departments, 13 departments at the associate level, 25 institutes of 25 institutes, 4 scientific journals and research institutes.

The University of Wissen, located in Zurich, Switzerland, will make its academic debut in the 2017-2018 academic year. Virtual classroom in online education, teaching management system, Student Affairs Autonomy, academic staff information system, student affairs automation, e-guidance system, e-mail servers (academic-administrative-student), 7-24 call center (ticket based), scientific Many conferences and seminars are organized by the University of Wissen, from journals to the Bologna-compatible education system and from cyber security seminars to international affairs throughout the year.

Students from different parts of the world through the human resources center created for University of Wissen students are directed to businesses through the University of Wissen in different countries after graduation.

The University of wissen has established research centers in order to give importance to the scientific aspects of its students and includes all students in these research centers.


· Justice

· Transparency / Transparency

· Continuous development and development (Innovation and Perfectionism)

· Cooperation

· A sense of duty and responsibility

· Scientific Autonomy

· Innovation

· Creativity

· Leadership

our core values have been illuminating our way since our establishment.


University of Wissen Student candidates will be delighted to see you in September 2017.

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