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Dario Piras


Universities are not only places where students learn basic and professional information but also where they have acquired and developed different abilities such as self-learning, using technology, socializing and working in groups, questioning and critical thinking ability. Wissen University is not only a university that provides students with access to and access to information, but also a life school that prepares you for life. In this context, education is being tried to be given in detail by extracurricular activities, which can gain human beings, apart from a profession consciousness and skill. In addition, the University of Wissen will expand your horizons and open your world to the world by combining science and culture, science and culture, art and Switzerland with Switzerland's natural and historical richness of trade and industry activities. We are here to help you, our fundamental priority, to be better educated and better prepared for your life. With the awareness that we are living in a global world, we will try to give you the best effort to prepare global competition. I firmly believe that Wissen University will become a world-class university with employees, students and scientists who have added value to humanity, have made innovation and competition into corporate culture, have made significant progress in globalization. Dear adolescents, you welcome the Wissen University, which has lifted its walls and limited space. I wish you all success.

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