University Of Wissen


We will be a business school of choice in Canada and internationally for experiential education and for relevant research. Business education at the college and university level is a very complex endeavor because of the interface of technology and cultural values. Students must learn the standard body of professional material that is characteristic of professions in the 21st century and be able to apply this body of material in different cultural surroundings. The business education that is provided therefore must make students comfortable in a higher technology environment, as well as citizens of a global marketplace. The vision of the Department of Business and Economics at MCBS is to have students enrolled who by virtue of completing their bachelor’s degree in business administration, can succeed in this marketplace.


We advance engagement in business and diverse communities through interdisciplinary thinking and research, experiential learning, and critical reflection for personal and professional fulfillment. To be recognized for quality as the leading business school among regional and state comprehensive universities.


We value:

  1. Ethical Conduct and Professional Practice
  2. Diversity in Thought and Action
  3. Respect for Our Indigenous Heritage
  4. Global Perspectives in Teaching and Research

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