University Of Wissen

Aim of the Department

At the Department of Architecture under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, such educational programs that comply with the requirements of the actual architectural environment is being applied. With an educational understanding that supports academic studies in the field of architecture, technological and architectural developments are closely monitored and integrated into the whole educational system at the University of Wissen, Department of Architecture. Serving with an educational understanding at national and international standards, our department aims to raise distinguished modern architectural designers and innovative architectural researchers.

Target of the Department

At University of Wissen, Department of Architecture, which provides education at international standards; technical training like the design of all kinds of structures, fittings of spaces and construction process planning are being provided. Playing an active role in raising individuals that can understand the relationship between buildings and people, evaluate the environment and have an understanding of architectural heritage, the University of Wissen, Department of Architecture organizes congresses, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and workshop activities in addition to its academic plan. Through these activities, several opportunities at national and international standards oriented to improve students both professionally, socially and culturally are being provided.

Career Opportunities

As our graduate students at University of Wissen, Department of Architecture have international educational standards, they have the opportunity to start their own offices to work as freelancer architects as well as to be employed as architects at private or state institutions. Having a wide range of master’s degree opportunities, graduates of the department of architecture have the opportunity to work in all fields dominated by the construction sector and to have a leading position in the professional life thanks to their leader status in the construction process.

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